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This project is a love letter to one of my favorite activities in one of my favorite games, rocket jumping in Team Fortress 2! The physics are not accurate (totally not because I couldn't figure it out... don't even think such a thing!) but they're still incredibly fun and make flying through levels an absolute blast!

Project Overview

This project is considered finished because the goal was a workable prototype and I feel that it is in a decent state as is. If this project continues it will be in a more polished state as basically a new project, but if that doesn't happen then I am glad you at least got to see what the project idea was! Thank you all!

This is a work in progress project, and any donation will help a ton since it's purely a personal project! There are plenty of things that I want to add and improve. The first coming update will include a ton of levels. After that I want to include some cosmetic stuff. With each update I will also sprinkle in bug fixes as needed (like how you can currently accidentally walk of the stage when resetting will be fixed in the next update).


  • Mouse for looking & aiming
  • Left Mouse Button for firing
  • WASD for movement
  • SPACE BAR for a tiny little baby jump
  • Hold TAB at the end of a stage to go to the next one
  • Hold ESCAPE while in a level to exit to main menu
  • Hold R to retry level
  • C for compass toggle

As of v0.4.2 there are

  • 12 Distinct Levels
  • Dozens of medals to collect
  • Testing Trophy Room

Recently Added in v0.4.2

  • 3 New Levels
  • Reworked Settings Menu
  • Tons of Bug Fixes!


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